Maybe easier said than done. Or is it?

As stated in the previous value, all established companies clearly define their vision, mission and goals and translate them into to their commercial proposition.  Customers and employees buy into these core values with pre-set expectations as to what they should be receiving in return for their choice to connect to them.

The danger, however, especially to service oriented industries, is that there are many variable costs which can be influenced and  direct (negative) impact on the proposition.  In economic rough times or when pushed to increasing bottomline results, many organisations make the fundamental mistake to reduce or even eliminate some of these costs even though essential to the primary proposition (business existence).

Consequently you are not able to achieve your product/service delivery promise, lose trustworthiness and customers will start exploring alternatives. Maintaining loyal customers is not easy but replacing them is so much harder.

How to approach this challenge?

Agree on which of your core values you need to protect at all times and on which you can take a more flexible approach.  Whenever you do get into situations where you are forced to make structural adjustments in your organisation at least you are ensured your proposition does not suffer.