My principles on business excellence are simple. People need to feel a sense of purpose and understand the “why” in what they are asked to do. It is driven by the heart and executed through enthusiasm and creativity.

To translate your Vision and Mission into actual work practice, always make sure your people, tools and processes are fully aligned. They should fit like a puzzle and be complementary to each other in order to achieve the bigger picture; the ideal customer experience to your product or service.


Your Vision and Mission could be something like this:

Vision (Your Existence and Purpose)

To be heroes of our market place as a design-led, world class (product / service / brand…..) 

We must provide innovative products that excite our customers and exceed their expectation of quality, features, and enduring …..etc etc etc 

Mission (Your goals)

To be a leading designer and manufacturer of …..  (name product), building strategic partnerships with (target group and customer profile) and working to provide quality ……  (type of service) solutions