Tell people what you expect from them and give clear direction. It makes reaching your targets so much easier.

As an example, we tend to think that only sharing negative news needs to delivered with the utmost delicacies and nuances in order to avoid unrest, confusion and uncertainties about individual and/or team perspectives. The opposite is actually true. What creates barriers to cooperation,understanding and everything that comes along with it is not telling people the truth and realities about what is happening.

If your strategic objective is year over year cost cutting in labour, tell your team dealing staff efficiencies will be part of the dynamics throughout their work. It may be perceived as harsh but it actually shows you are challenging output, contribution and ROI. Those who are professional and ambitious will understand and work harder to stand out from the crowd. Those who don’t will leave. I have personally experienced it with my previous employer and looking back I should have chosen this approach from the start.