Quick adaption to your internal culture and business ethics providing stability, objectivity and clear direction to your people and stakeholders.

This, in combination with seniority, trust and confidence will go beyond what is normally possible to achieve with traditional recruitment.

Interim Management grows 10-15% per annum, driven by some distinct underlying factors

  • Increased focus on improvement and implementation as opposed to strategy and advice, in many organizations.
  • Owners and boards are less patient with performance deviations.
  • The benefit in relation to the price of classical Management Consulting is questioned, as is the ability to deliver tangible results.
  • Increased need for flexible management solutions – organizations need to act faster to adapt to changing circumstances. In many situations a permanent recruitment takes too long.


The best of two worlds

An interim manager often has a more senior profile and expert knowledge that goes beyond what is normally possible to achieve in a traditional recruitment. Apart from a management consultant, the focus is on anchoring, implementation and results, rather than analysis and recommendations. Our clients appreciate the objectivity that an interim manager represents and uses his knowledge and experience for advice and “second opinion” on key issues. Many who used interim managers are amazed at the competence they have access to and see it as the best of both worlds.



Today’s interim managers possess great personal maturity in addition to a successful career and proven ability to quickly understand a new situation. They are culturally aware and have the ability to quickly build effective working relationships. They have a personal integrity, are internally unbound and have no own agenda.