Help you to create strategic commercial focus and decide where to spend your value time on.

As a rule of thumb, growth expectations are always more aggressive than is realistically achievable and human resources too limited. Sounds familiar?

Commercial plans should not just be drawn up once a year during the budget season and after final executive review to upper management disappear in a (virtual) drawer not to be looked at until the next budget cycle.  It should be a working document under constant review to measure the following:

  1. Level of success of actions taken. What is the ROI (Return Of Investment) in terms of costs and resources
  2. Toll gate the completion of strategic actions before moving on to the next.  This ensure you have fully utilised the commercial potential and measured its economic contribution within the sales mix
  3. Changing external factors that may have affect on your strategic course

Through neutral mediation and ensure the best propositions reach your desk for final go-ahead I can assist in drawing up your commercial blueprint which include validating the following elements to your internal commercial organisation.

Commercial Strategy 

  • Defining window of commercial and/or organisational opportunities for short, mid and long term.
  • Growth Strategy and Business Plan development
  • Channel / Distribution strategy and Sales Mix.
  • On/Offline marketing contribution
  • Customer Segmentation and target market architecture.
  • Customer Lifecycle Management

Other essential factors that will contribute to a successful execution of your commercial blueprint. 

Create an effective, yet creative communication strategy to spread your plans into the organisation.  Get everyone facing in the same direction.

Establish a format for Quarterly Reviews that is, next to sharing successes and red flags, interactive and requires everyone’s participation of each member to challenge individual contribution to the results.

Translation of overall commercial plan to personal SMART measured targets and a daily/weekly monitoring system

A plan is a course, a direction, a roadmap. How far can you deviate? Establish a back up strategy in case you are forced to make structural adjustments to your resources in terms of costs and/or people.