International product launch – Croatia, 2012

The owners of OT Design, a Dutch interior design company with production facilities in Indonesia, voiced the ambition to enter the international hospitality market and ask me to join the organisation  to create the new commercial proposition and lead the business development team.

In short, I made the strategic decision not to position ourselves an interior design company but as a reliable producer of project furniture from the far east. This way we did not have to first secure our reputation as a designer and establish an international name. This would take years.  I also urged to change the company name (previously Oudenteak) to one that would be perceived more global. Hence OT Design was founded.

Having done so, we created a fully branded set of furniture collections for each target market (resorts, city hotels, industrial, spa’s etc..) including all offline and online materials.  With the right certifications, physical samples of product materials, and the logistical processes in place, OT design was ready for launch.

In September 2012 we introduced OT design to the international hospitality procurement world at Hidesign EMEA. The spin off from this supplier/buyer event have resulted in some significant orders especially from South East Asia.

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