Six Sigma certification – China, 2007

During my years at Starwood Hotels & Resorts I became familiar with the change management through the principles of Six Sigma and Lean.  Growing interest in the methodology and its functional skills, I was involved in various operational improvement projects throughout the seven years with the company.

In 2007 I achieved my Green Belt certification in China and even acted as interim Black Belt specialist for a period of six months in Tenerife, Spain.  Having acquired these analytical skills and systematic approach to change processes has significantly contributed to the success within my roles ever since.

Below some examples of projects I lead:

  1. Skill up program – Westin Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  2. Customer Journey improvement dashboard -Westin Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  3. Increase retention from trainee to permanent staff – Sheraton Dongguan, China
  4. Increase Corporate & Incentive Group Sales conversion – Sheraton Dongguan, China
  5. Labour Cost & Productivity  Control – Sheraton La Caleta, Tenerife
  6. One-stop Service Department – Sheraton La Caletta, Tenerife
  7. Reducing Credit Card commissions – Sheraton La Caletta, Tenerife